Furnace Makes Whistling Noises?

Answer If a furnace is making whistling noises, there are several probable causes. While some of the reasons are simple in nature and can be fixed by the homeowner, some of the other potential sources of ... Read More »

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How do you repair a furnace duct that makes creaking noises when warm air flows through it?

Answer that noise is a lose damper that is on the collar that conects that duct to the plenum. that duct goes into a big box. right before it goes in there is a collar. it may be taped up so feel f... Read More »

My tv makes noises like creaking noises all night?

Loud Noises in a Furnace?

Furnaces can make a range of disconcerting sounds depending on whether they are powered by oil, gas or electricity and depending on the manufacturer. Most annoying sounds are harmless and easily fi... Read More »

Screeching Noises in My Hydro-Flame Furnace?

Hydro-Flame furnaces are small furnace systems designed for RVs and trailers. These furnaces work like space heaters. They experience more wear than home furnaces due to the harsher conditions in R... Read More »