Funny childhood stories?

Answer One my grandma likes to tell is that we were driving down our street and a neighbourhood boy was playing in the street. I was about 4 or 5 years old. As we drove by him, I leaned out the window and... Read More »

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Ideas for Funny Stories?

Funny stories play an important role in social interaction. A humorous story can break the tension in an awkward conversation. Public speakers frequently begin their speeches with a funny story to... Read More »

How to Write Funny Stories?

Have you ever wanted to make anybody laugh in a story? Are you sick and tired of your stories going on without a point, well then this is the article for you. You will learn concepts of actually wr... Read More »

Have any funny period stories?

when my husband and i first started dating he took me up to his home town to meet his family and his best friend. i was sitting on my husbands lap in a skirt and he whispered in my ear "hun i think... Read More »

Any funny or embarrassing period stories?

LMAO that's really funny haha ok I have a couple actually... So the first time I got mine I was at school and I was wearing cream pants but luckily it was around the time when long shirts were in s... Read More »