Funny Topics for Creative Writing?

Answer Creative writing allows the author to tell whatever story they want; the imagination is unbridled and can go wild. Funny topics require an author with a sense of humor to exploit the subject matter... Read More »

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Most Fun Creative Writing Topics?

Writing is an activity dreaded by some students -- not only might they have trouble expressing their ideas, but tedious topics can make the process seem like a chore. You need a fast, easy way to e... Read More »

Creative Writing Paper Topics?

Writers like Julia Cameron, Stephen King and Natalie Goldberg have all written about the importance of journaling and writing prompts. Creative writing is an art that can be improved and refined th... Read More »

Creative Writing Essay Topics?

Creative writing is rooted in real or imagined experiences. Anything can be used as a creative writing essay topic, such a: religion, art and literature, society, and love. Creative writing can ev... Read More »

Creative Writing Journal Topics?

Many professional writers say that the best way to become a creative writer is to write every day. In "The Artist's Way," Julia Cameron recommends that aspiring creative keep journals to practice d... Read More »