Funny Animal Videos for Kids?

Answer Children love animals. If you are looking for a way to entertain your little ones on the computer or in front of the television for a short time, try funny animal videos. The antics of these furry ... Read More »

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Now that you have kids, what do you find funny about singles or people without kids?

When they tell me how tired they are I want to punch them!! What the heck can they know about being tired? They can SLEEP whenever they want pretty much or catch up on sleep on the weekends. I have... Read More »

Any funny videos you know?

I have a few:…………http://www.y... Read More »

What is a funny animal for a pre-school age children's book?

well at these times kids love bunnies and duckies! they find them a real hoot for some reason and they also seem to have taken a liking to certain types of cuddly baby bears. so it would be wacky d... Read More »

Tell me some funny videos on youtube please thx. =D?

mothers day - do the second video that has a picture of a woman with large red hair.once you have watched that look at the 'similar videos' or 'other videos by this person' and click on 'the christ... Read More »