Funniest Top Comment ive seen today?

Answer Then this delightful list will let you live vicariously through the venom of ... 7 new unintentionally inappropriate test answers from young children. .... The worst status I have ever seen came fr... Read More »

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Funniest YouTube video you have seen 10 points for funniest.?…

What is the funniest thing you heard your child say to you responding to a question or comment?

I was pregnant at the time and my best friends daughter (age 6) and I were talking about the baby. She told me she wanted to talk to the baby. She looked at me very seriously and asked me to open... Read More »

Have you ever seen Youtube people comment and NOT fighting?

i hate when people say only "lifeless" people respond. Sometimes people say dumb annoying things, and it bugs you so much that you must respond. Hell, I've even gotten threatened once. People on th... Read More »

Is this the funniest things you've seen all day?