Funnel cake look-a-like?

Answer Churros?

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How to Make a Funnel Cake Without a Funnel?

When you're craving a type of food, you'll probably need to improvise on other ingredients to satisfy yourself. This is similar when you don't have the correct utensils to make something. Funnel ca... Read More »

Do you have to use a funnel to make a funnel cake?

Despite popular belief funnels are not needed, an tiny pouring utensil will do.

Twinkies vs. Funnel cake?

I loooove funnel cake (at least I used to), and don't even care for Twinkies a little bit, so if it's death by sweets, bring on the FC.(But, I would tae a good chocolate chip cookie every time if c... Read More »

How to Make a Funnel Cake?

Do you like funnel cakes at the fair and other outdoor events, but not so much the price? This article will teach you how to make them at home for a fraction of the cost. Read on!