Funeral Procession Traffic Laws?

Answer Funerals are solemn occasions, especially if you are saying goodbye to someone who was close to you. Most funerals begin at a church or synagogue, but the burial takes place at a cemetery that ofte... Read More »

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Why should we have to pull to the side of the road and stop when a funeral procession is driving by?

Based on some of your other questions, do I detect a streak of sarcasm? *smile* I think everyone just needs to lighten up just a tad.SO okay, let's be clear here. Are you talking about pulling t... Read More »

Traffic Laws in Nevada?

Traffic accidents cause many injuries and deaths each year, so states make laws to increase safety on the road. Traffic laws in Nevada aim to prevent accidents between cars, pedestrians, bikes, tra... Read More »

A List of Traffic Laws?

Traffic laws make up some of the most important laws that govern citizens. In 2005, there were an estimated 6,000,000 accidents costing over 230 billion dollars. Approximately 2.9 million people we... Read More »

Traffic Laws in Virginia?

Violating Virginia's traffic and driving laws incurs three-, four- and six-point demerits to an individual's driving records. Violations range from minor curbside offenses to felonies, which result... Read More »