Funding uni and college for nurses ?

Answer Training to be a nurse is free hun, the NHS fund it! You should be entitled to a means-tested bursary if you are planning on doing a degree.Good luck by the way, Personally I would get some work ex... Read More »

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What is the total investment of college funding?

Calculating the total cost of attending college includes a number of elements. Total investment varies depending on residency, program nature and college or university type. However, generally spea... Read More »

Funding for Summer College Classes?

Summer college classes can help you graduate more quickly. Class sizes are often smaller, and the pace at which you go through your classes may be quicker, depending on the length of your summer te... Read More »

Help for the middle class funding college?

I'm in the same situation as my parents make too much money for me to qualify for much even though they aren't paying for my college. Luckily the state of Tennessee guarantees me some money from th... Read More »

How to Start a College Funding Business?

A college funding business can help you pay for college, or can collect funds to send other people to college. Either way, it is a business that strives to make money to pay for college tuition as ... Read More »