Fund Accountant Duties?

Answer A fund accountant works for a hedge, mutual or pension fund group in various accounting roles. Fund accounts may help support monthly activities with funds, and may prepare accurate financial state... Read More »

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What is a mutual fund accountant?

Mutual funds invest funds from a group of investors in a portfolio of stocks, bonds and other investments. Accountants keep financial records for the firms in which they are employed. Mutual fund a... Read More »

Hedge Fund Accountant Job Description?

Hedge fund accountants are a key member of a hedge fund's staff. Their goal is to value the fund's assets, measure ongoing costs, minimize tax consequences and report results to investors. At some ... Read More »

What Are the Duties of a Tax Accountant?

The job of a tax accountant requires a bachelor's degree in accounting, or a field related to accounting. Tax accountants should have strong mathematical skills as well. Tax accountants earn a medi... Read More »

An International Accountant's Duties?

International accountants apply business, international finance, audit and accounting skills to evaluate financial data across multiple locations. They ensure that such data is accurate and in comp... Read More »