Functions of a Master Cylinder?

Answer A master cylinder is an automotive device that applies hydraulic pressure to the braking system. The master cylinder is typically located in the engine compartment and is fitted with a removable ca... Read More »

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What Are the Functions of a Brake Master Cylinder on a 1993 Ford E350?

The brake master cylinder is the heart of any hydraulic braking system. The master cylinder provides the fluid to pressurize the system in your 1993 Ford E-350. The master cylinder does this in a f... Read More »

A Master Cylinder Vs. a Slave Cylinder?

The master and slave cylinder relationship is about what you'd expect from the names; a master tells the slave to push or pull out, and the slave does what it's told. All hydraulic systems work on ... Read More »

DIY Master Cylinder?

One of the main components of an automobile's hydraulic braking system is the master cylinder, which is usually located in a vehicle's engine compartment. When you depress the brake pedal, a push r... Read More »

How to Install a Master Cylinder?

Installing a master cylinder is normally a two-person job. Once the part has been installed on the car, it will be necessary to bleed the brakes of air pockets that develop when the system has been... Read More »