Functional orthodontics, please answer tooth 975!?

Answer The best functional orthodontists are general dentists who have learned functional orthodontics and traditional orthodontic specialists who have abandoned what they were taught in orthodontic schoo... Read More »

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A piece of tooth is still in my gums (please answer)?

If it's a tooth or bone chip, the gums will generally push it out . However it may be part of your actual jaw bone. If you are worried about it, call the dentist and ask if he can take a look at i... Read More »

Does pulling out a tooth hurt Scared,please help answer!?

I had a tooth pulled and it didn't hurt at all, just tugging. Two things to remember going in. Ask for Valium before hand to calm you down. Most dentists have no problem calling in an Rx. Secondly,... Read More »

I have an Orthodontics question?

Yes, you are right. The more aligned your teeth are, the more effort it takes to get them "perfect".

Diploma Courses in Orthodontics?

Finding a good orthodontics diploma can be difficult and you may need to leave the U.S. to find a suitable diploma. Orthodontists handle misalignments and irregularities in teeth, and often handle ... Read More »