Functional Resume for Teachers?

Answer If you are an experienced teacher, you may choose to build what is known as a "chronological resume," which focuses on steady, consistent teaching experience. However, if you are a less-experienced... Read More »

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Functional Resume Objectives?

Although the most frequently used resume format is the "chronological" resume, which presents work experience in reverse chronological order, there are many people for whom a "functional" resume mi... Read More »

How to Write a Functional Resume?

Most resumes include a chronological list of your professional accomplishments. In some cases, though, you may be better off emphasizing skills and accomplishments in order of importance, rather th... Read More »

Functional Resume Writing Tips?

With a tough job market and employers receiving hundreds of resumes each day, it's more important than ever to have a well-polished resume on hand. From the wording on the page down to the look of ... Read More »

A Summary of Qualifications for a Functional Resume?

A summary of qualifications explains why you are the ideal candidate for a given job by highlighting your direct qualifications for the job in question that will address the needs of the employer. ... Read More »