Function of the plant embryo?

Answer Well, the plant is not mature enough for fertilization until a single large nucleus within the embryo sac divides to form an egg and two synergids. When the pollen tubes in the flower allow sperm c... Read More »

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What is the name of a seed leaf in a plant embryo?

The leaves inside the plant's embryo, or seed, are referred to as cotyledons. Plants with one leaf are named monocots. Plants with two leaves are referred to as dicots. As a seed begins to grow, th... Read More »

What is the function of the bud on the plant?

A floral bud may produce a blossom. An axillary bud, located in the axil (angle between leaf petiole and the stem), may produce a branch, or new leaf. A terminal bud, located at the apex (the very ... Read More »

What is primary function of plant leaves?

photosynthesis which is the process where the plant takes in sunlight and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, starch and energy

What is the main function of leaves to a plant?

Hi Jena Ruth,The main function of a plant leaves is for photosynthetic activities, that is the production of food for the plants needs.