Function of the Plant Hormone Gibberellic Acid?

Answer Hormones are chemical messengers secreted by cells that affect the behavior of other cells in the organism. Gibberellic acid is an example of a plant hormone that plays an important role in plant d... Read More »

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Does gibberellic acid promote plant growth?

The naturally occurring plant growth hormone known as gibberellic acid or GA-3 can cause a number of effects on plants. Effects such as the stimulation of germinating seeds, rapid germination of do... Read More »

How to Use Gibberellic Acid on Grapevines?

Gibberellic acid is a liquid solution that is manufactured from a fungus called Gibberella fujikuroi, according to the J.L. Hudson Seed website. The acid produces benefits to numerous types of plan... Read More »

Who discovered gibberellic acid?

Determining who discovered gibberellic acid depends strongly upon the definition of "discovered." Eiichi Kurosawa first recognized the role of gibberellic acid in 1926, but did not isolate it. Teij... Read More »

Will Gibberellic Acid Affect Seed Germination?

Gibberellic acid is a hormone produced by plants. It influences plant growth by stimulating cell elongation and division. It is also instrumental in breaking seed dormancy and triggering germinatio... Read More »