Function of a 1N4148 Diode?

Answer A diode is an electronic component that permits current flow in only one direction. The 1N4148 is a general-purpose discrete diode with high switching speed and modest maximum current and reverse v... Read More »

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Diode forward voltage,diode forward current (mA)?

Unless the voltage is applied in the right direction an led won't light. the word forward is not very helpful here because an led doesn't conduct the other way. the specs for an led includeVf max, ... Read More »

Search function in excel alongside of a time/date function?

dont worry about the AM and PM....the Am and PM are only formatting....they arent really part of the number or just need to check if your times go past midnight...and add 1 if it i... Read More »

What is a diode for?

A diode is a semiconductor that only allows current to pass in one direction. While this may seem a small thing, this talent makes the diode one of the most valuable semiconductor devices available... Read More »

What is a diode used in?

Diodes are used in electronic devices, where the device acts as a one-way valve, according to Diodes can perform a variety of functions, including converting AC to DC power, sensing temp... Read More »