Fun things to do in LA with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Answer See the walk of fame.( where the most famous actors have left there footprints) Tour the Movie studio'sDrive along the pacific highwayHave fun, stay out of the crime ridden areas though !--

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What are some things you should do to help with your relationship with your brother?

Answer You should communicate with him talk to him. Not necessary a conversation but small talk, like how are you? how was your day at school? what do you like to do? things like that to start off.... Read More »

How to Deep Condition Your Hair With Things You Have In Your Refrigerator?

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How to Make Your Own Facemask With Things Found in Your Kitchen?

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What are some non-common sense things your husband/boyfriend/fiance does with your baby?

wow!!!! you guys can get your men to change a nappy?!?!?!you all should think yourselves lucky! my man likes to be the fun but lazy parent. my daughter is 7mos and has been on solids since 4mos. i ... Read More »