Fun stuff to do in Orlando for 20-something year olds?

Answer in orlando there's citywalk! they have some parties there, karaoke places for 18+, movies, a lot of stuff! and theres also fun spot, that you can go on the sling shot, its really fun .... there are... Read More »

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Stuff to do in orlando fl?

I live in Orlando, easy! There isUniversal Studios- you guys would LOVE this! It's like a teenager rampage there. I love it!GatorlandWater parksa bizilion posibilities!

STuff 15 yr olds can do in miami?

South Beach. There's no age restriction, but things can get freaky.

Babysitting 2 3 year olds and a 5 year old! fun activity suggestions?

cutting ut fall shapes like pumpkins and drawing faces n them, cutting out leafs and colering them using kids scissrs. that way they learn fine moder skills and they can learn there colers.

What jobs can a 14 year old in Orlando Florida get?

Why not consider picking up dog droppings as a part of your own business?♂♀