Fun question-what are 10 reasons to drop facebook?

Answer 1.Because you can't add music to your profile2.Because when you add a good post, no-one comments or like it3.When you share a post or pic with a friend, f.b. will tell all your other Facebook frien... Read More »

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Reasons Why Kids Drop Out of Sports?

Some students begin participation in sports with the best of intentions, but soon abandon the activity. While the exact reason for quitting sports is not the same for every would-be student athlete... Read More »

Reasons Freshmen Students Drop Out of College?

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What are some reasons for getting a facebook?

1)It's a good way to stay connected with family/friends, it's gotten to be alot more convienent than e-mail. My mom and brother/sisters are on Facebook and now that I'm out of the house it's a gre... Read More »


- Takes too much time which is generally a waste.- Friend lists are filled with people who are NOT actual friends- It damages the real life socialization- People whom you'd rather not talk to finds... Read More »