Fun Ways to Teach Typing?

Answer Proficient typing skills are an essential part of a quality curriculum. Students must spend hours practicing the correct positions and memorizing letter keys in order to become a typist. Keyboardin... Read More »

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The Best Method to Teach Typing Skills?

Teaching typing skills is about getting students into good typing habits, and the key to success is a lot of practice. Students with good typing skills are able to type quickly and accurately witho... Read More »

Random Ways to Test Computer Typing Speed?

With computers becoming more a part of our lives in academics, work, social networking and entertainment, there is an increased value in knowing how to type both quickly and accurately. Through pra... Read More »

Fun Ways to Teach Rounding?

Let's admit it: rounding does not sound fun. However, as a teacher, you have the ability to make the teaching of rounding fun. Use your creativity in your lesson plan for rounding, and you will fin... Read More »

Fun Ways to Teach "Be" Verbs?

"Be" is one of the most difficult English verbs to conjugate. Other forms of the verb such as "are," "is" or "am" are all very different. ESL speakers often have particular difficulty with these fo... Read More »