Fun Things to Talk About With a 7 Year Old?

Answer Seven year olds are fun. They've learned to do amazing things in their time on earth. They are also developing complex thoughts and higher-level emotions. Conversations at this age serve as both e... Read More »

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How to Never Run out of Things to Talk About With Anyone?

If you're frightened that you will run out things to talk to others about, never fear. It is possible to reassure yourself that this won't happen and to find great things to talk about!

For over 4 years you have been doing all kinds of stuff with your cousin but you never talk about what you do should you talk to him about it or just ignore it?

Depends on how close cousins you are and what your family and community think of cousin relationships. However, it is usually best to talk, not to assume or ignore.

How to Find Things to Talk About?

Ever notice how your mind reaches a Zen-Buddhist-master level of blankness when confronted with an awkward silence? The ideas below will help you find something to say on a date, in a relationship,... Read More »

What are some fun things to talk about while texting?

Well, right now i'm making fun of my friend because she can't decide on what to leave as her voice mail message. She says it has to be "perfect..." Ha. You can talk about anything while texting...m... Read More »