Fun Things for Professors?

Answer If you have a special professor who inspired you to pursue a particular career path or nominated you for an award, you may wish to thank her with a small gift. Like any other teacher, professors ap... Read More »

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How much do PH.D. professors get paid?

The median annual salary for post-secondary teachers was $58,830 as of Spring 2008, according to the United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. The pay rate for this field vari... Read More »

How to Address Professors?

Imagine it is your first class as a college student, and you have a question to ask your professor, either in person or by email. You have never addressed a professor before in a one-on-one situati... Read More »

Do professors get health insurance?

Answer Most of them do, but I guess that depends on what you mean by "professor." College students often use that term loosely to mean anyone who happens to teach at a college, when in fact there... Read More »

Do you think professors should stay out of Facebook?

It should be. Professors had bulletin boards in their day. It should stay that way.