Fun Science Projects for the Circulatory System?

Answer The human circulatory system--or cardiovascular system--moves oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and carries away waste. Interactive science projects that feature the circulatory system always att... Read More »

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How Does the Muscular System Work With the Circulatory System?

All the systems of the body work closely together to maintain homeostasis--the dynamic balance of internal conditions which the body works constantly to preserve. The muscular system and circulator... Read More »

Compare the Lymphatic System to the Circulatory System?

Networks of vessels, capillaries and organs move fluids through our bodies to distribute nutrients and filter waste. There are several systems but two of them -- the circulatory and lymphatic syste... Read More »

Venus Solar System Science Projects?

Named after the Roman goddess of love, Venus is the second planet from the sun in our solar system. According to NASA, Venus has a thick, toxic atmosphere that traps heat in a greenhouse effect. Us... Read More »

Free Science Projects on the Solar System?

The study of our solar system --- its eight main planets, dwarf planets, comets, asteroids and moons --- continues to fascinate and inspire ongoing exploration. A variety of freely available, inter... Read More »