Fun Projects for 5th Grade Homeschoolers?

Answer Students who do not attend traditional schools will not be the part of group projects for science fairs, presentations and so forth. However, they can work on individual projects at home, that can ... Read More »

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5th & 6th Grade Art Projects?

Fifth and sixth grade pupils can put their art knowledge and creativity to the test by completing art projects. Unlike younger elementary-school children, pupils in these grades have likely develop... Read More »

Art Projects for Grade 8?

Mosaics, mosaics and more mosaics --- that's the theme for these grade eight art projects. But these are not your run-of-the-mill tile mosaics; use the unusual to create these unique works of art.

Art Projects for 5th Grade?

Fifth-graders sit poised on the brink of middle school, reaching out to express more complex ideas and embrace greater decision-making and independence. Art projects for 5th grade can begin to incl... Read More »

Art Projects for 1st Grade?

Encourage your first-graders' imaginations with art projects they can do in the classroom. Art projects break up the long day at school and provide the pupils with a way to express their thoughts a... Read More »