Fun Not rude answers please all :)?

Answer erm maybe fell off your push bike u were doin diy and hit it with a hammer

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Do i have an infection Any rude answers, or non answers, i will report... Thanks...?

It is chafing that has become infected with yeast. Sweat, urine,and feces, if left on the skin, can cause it to break down, turn red, and become infected. Crevices like under breasts, between legs,... Read More »

Y do people have to give such rude answers on here?

just ignorance got nothing better to do i suppose but annoy people which they think is funny

When moms ask questions, what do you think of rude or condescending answers?

I had considered posting a very similar question.I don't think there's anyone who could (legitimately) claim to be a perfect mom and have the *best* way to do everything yet I so so many people be... Read More »

I'm going to ask a question here but I'd appreciate no competitive or rude answers regarding working vs SAHMs?

nina, im going to tell you more about me. my life and what has happened. take it for what its worth.i had a lovely job, which i loved. worked my way up in a company, no college education. the o... Read More »