Fun Games to Learn About Rocks?

Answer Geology, or the study of the materials composing the Earth, include studies about rocks. Children can become intensely interested in rocks, and teaching basic geology should include fun games deali... Read More »

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How to Learn About Igneous Rocks?

If you are undertaking a project on learning more about igneous rocks (also known as fire rocks),[1] this quick overview will help you understand the background of igneous rocks.

How to Learn About Sedimentary Rocks?

Learning about sedimentary rock is made easy when you read the basics of sedimentary rocks set out in this article.

Fun Games on the Types of Sedimentary Rocks?

Teach your class about different sedimentary rocks using interesting facts and fun games. For example, the Grand Canyon is made of the sedimentary rocks limestone, sandstone and shale and was forme... Read More »

Is subsoil mostly made of solar energy or petroleum or small rocks or solid rocks?

Subsoil, or the “B” horizon (layer) of soil, lies directly below the topsoil, or “A” horizon. Lying at least 8 inches below the surface, subsoil contains less humus--decayed plant and anima... Read More »