Fun Games for Working on the Beginning R Sound?

Answer Phonics is the cornerstone of literacy instruction and learning the sounds that individual letters make is one of the first phases of this instruction. When learning the sounds associated with indi... Read More »

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What is that dialing sound at the beginning of my VHS tapes?

When audio or video tapes are recorded, the album or movie is recorded over and over again on a roomfull of "slave" machines, each recording on long reels of tape. The beeping noise you hear is add... Read More »

Beginning ESL Games?

English as a second language (ESL) classes are designed to teach English to non-native speakers. Games are an excellent tool to use in the classroom, particularly when trying to reach beginning stu... Read More »

On PS3, I use an HDMI cable and have sound for the system, video and audio, but no sound during games Help?

For the best advise contact your supplier

Beginning Algebra Games?

Beginning Algebra is an important milestone in a child's math education, where he uses the basis of arithmetic and forms a foundation for his progress to advanced mathematics. Whether your child su... Read More »