Fun Date Ideas in Glendale, California?

Answer Glendale, California is a suburb just north of Los Angeles, in Los Angeles County. Because of its close proximity to the city, it is home to many cultural and recreational institutions and activiti... Read More »

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Is there rent control in Glendale, California?

According to the County of Los Angeles Department of Consumer Affairs, the city of Glendale does not have rent control. Confusion may arise because of Glendale's proximity to Los Angeles, which fea... Read More »

How to Obtain a Restraining Order in Glendale, California?

As in any other city, residents of Glendale, California, can protect themselves from becoming victims of abuse by filing for a restraining order. Once granted by a judge, the restraining order proh... Read More »

Are beauty products considered hazardous waste in Glendale, California?

Beauty products that contain materials the state of California has defined as harmful to the environment and human health, when improperly disposed of, are considered hazardous waste by the City of... Read More »

What happens after a California foreclosure auction date occurs?

Most of California foreclosures use the nonjudicial process, in which an appointed trustee oversees the public auction of a foreclosure property. In the period after a foreclosure auction, the bor... Read More »