Fun Animal Taxonomy Activities?

Answer Animal taxonomy can be confusing, but games and entertaining activities can make learning easy and fun. Interactive games offered online allow players to learn about the different classifications o... Read More »

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Taxonomy Activities for Biology?

Thousands of years ago people grouped plants and animals together by how they tasted and whether they were poisonous or could be used as medicine. This classification of living organisms was an ear... Read More »

Activities for Middle School on Taxonomy?

Different species of organisms and plants that exist on Earth number in the millions. The science of taxonomy involves the identification, naming and classification of these species. Taxonomists an... Read More »

Activities for Each Level of Bloom's Taxonomy?

Bloom's Taxonomy, created by educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom in 1953, is a six-tier pyramid of learning levels beginning with knowledge as the basis of learning. Knowledge is built upon by ... Read More »

Bloom's Taxonomy Mathematical Activities?

Created in 1956, Bloom's taxonomy is a pyramid set up to categorize levels of learning. Originally, there were seven categories. However, in 2001, Anderson and Krathwohl restructured the pyramid to... Read More »