Fun Activities to Test One's Personality?

Answer Introverted or extroverted, optimistic or pessimistic, leader or follower--there are hundreds of different traits that make up a person's personality. According to, there are 16... Read More »

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Factors that influence ones personality?

Evolutionary, Biological/genetic, Environmental and Behaviorial.This anser is loosely based around the four schools of thought of psychology.

Fun Personality Test for Kids?

The True Colors Personality Test theory dates back to Hippocrates' assertion that there are four distinct patterns of human behavior. There are several versions available of the True Colors Persona... Read More »

How to Take a Psychology Personality Test?

People take personality tests for a variety of reasons. Many psychologists and employers recommend personality tests to understand whether an individual is introverted or extroverted. Sometimes, in... Read More »

Career Personality Test for Kids?

There are a variety of personality tests for kids. It can be a fun way to see what kind of career path your child may want to pursue later in life. It can also show you things about your child's pe... Read More »