Fun Activities to Teach Irregular Verbs?

Answer Irregular verbs don't follow the typical verb conjugation pattern, such as leaving the verb intact while adding an "-ed" or "-ing" ending. In fact, these tricksters follow no pattern at all, making... Read More »

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Irregular Verbs Activities for Third Grade?

A verb is a word that denotes existence, action or an occurrence. In "David began his drive to the coast," the verb is "drive." Yet "drive" is considered an irregular verb because, unlike most verb... Read More »

Interactive Activities for Irregular Verbs?

Interactive activities can teach and reinforce irregular verbs. Instead of tedious memorization, students will have fun while they master the irregular verbs. Many inexpensive games and activities ... Read More »

The Four Principal Parts of Irregular Verbs?

One of the basic parts of speech is the verb, or action word. Verbs can be written, or conjugated, into past, present and future tense. However, not all verbs follow the simple pattern of adding th... Read More »

Games to Make & Play With Irregular Verbs for the 5th Grade?

Regular verbs in English can be made into past or past participles by adding "ed" at the end. The past of "I walk" is "I walked" and its past participle is "I have walked." Irregular verbs deviate ... Read More »