Fun Activities for Kids Aged Two to Four?

Answer Anyone who's spent time with two-, three- and four-year-olds knows that they can be great fun, but they can also be exhausting. Young children are constantly observing and learning new things, so e... Read More »

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Books for kids aged 4 to 10?

well. there's a big age differencebook age groups would probably be1-34-67-910-1213-15for the younger ones here's a list on amazon…for the 8-10 year oldsbo... Read More »

Hairstyles for Kids Aged 11 to 13?

Kids aged 11 to 13 are leaving behind childhood and approaching their teen years. This means their hairstyles will be influenced by a combination of youthful fun and carefree attitude, as well as e... Read More »

What kids show are there that are looking for contestants aged 9 to 13?

My best guess would be Nickelodeon. You probably have to think of a show first, but maybe that age could do voice-overs. Where there's a cartoon and someone has to do their voice. Good luck!

Spelling Games for Kids Aged 6 to 8?

Most educators will agree that kids retain more when they have fun during the learning process. The normal process of studying for a spelling test is tedious and involves memorization, which is not... Read More »