Full form of blu ray DVD?

Answer there is no such full form. "BluRay" is just a word which is called so cuz of the color of the back side of the disc.

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Full form of FBI?

Federal Bureau of InvestigationAnswer: AlsoFemale Body Inspector Faith Based InitiativeFederation of British IndustriesFluidized Bed IncineratorAnd many more at Link

Full form of BBC?

The full name of the abbreviation BBC is the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Full form of LG?

Life's Good.History of LG: Created in 1947 as "Lucky-Goldstar", it assumed the abbreviated name of "LG" in 1995. LG is also an abbreviation of "Lucky Geumseong" in South Korea, which is translated... Read More »

Full form of CIA?

The correct name of this agency is the Central Intelligence Agency.