Full Scan taking ages?

Answer Run 'Disk cleanup' (Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools) then download, install and run Ccleaner on all user accounts and run Defragmenter (same place as cleanup).

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Why is Norton Full Scan taking so long?

Windows has a lot of files, texts, logs, etc... When you do a full scan, you should schedule it while you are sleeping. At least, when oy get up, it will have scanned the entire HD.

Full system scan of avast taking extremely long time ?

Disconnect the external drive. Avast has the problem of scanning everything. You should go in the setting and specify to SCAN the Drive C: only.I suggest scheduling a BOOT SCAN in the AVAST setting... Read More »

I want to be pregnant but it is taking ages y is this?

Answer how long is ages? on average it takes a woman between 20 and 25 5 months t fall pregnant and between 33 and 38 9 months.most couples take a year.if u are in ur 20s there is a 1 in 4 chance o... Read More »

When i preform a full scan, does it scan through all my windows account?

Yes.Look in task manager and find the process is using the most CPU. Search the internet for the name of the process followed by the phrase 'high cpu'. You should be able to find some help on what ... Read More »