Full Physical Exam Checklist?

Answer All adults should have a yearly physical exam, even if there are no existing health concerns. It is important that you get a full physical exam at least once a year to note any changes in your heal... Read More »

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How to Perform a Full Physical Exam?

This is the appropriate and throrough way to perform a physical exam on a patient.

Will a physical exam with a blood exam reveal that I was smoking cigs even though I havent smoked in 2 months?

No, it takes anywhere from 14 to 21 days for the average person who quits smoking to clear all the nicotine out of their bloodstream.

Checklist for the Physical Development of a 6-Year-Old?

Not all children are the same in terms of their physical development. Some kids grow faster at a certain age, while others develop faster at another age. However, pediatricians have found that ther... Read More »

Yearly physical exam?

If you're worried about any doctor looking down there, don't be! They have no right to make you feel uncomfortable, whether it's a girl or boy. So if they say that they are going to look down there... Read More »