Fujitsu Plasma TV - Cable (Coaxial) Hook Up?

Answer For the best TV experience, you need to subscribe to a digital channel package from your cable company, which will get you a set top box (STB) that will connect to one of your set's inputs, i.e. HD... Read More »

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How do I hook up cable on a HD TV that does not have the coaxial cable input just the digital ?

You need an HD Tuner. Or get DirecTV HD, or DisHD, and they will give you what you need.

Should I use RG6 or RG59 coaxial cable for my plasma?

On One Hand: They are interchangeableRG6 coaxial cable serves the same function as RG59 cable. RG6 is essentially an improved version of the RG59; they both feature the same makeup, except the RG6 ... Read More »

How to Activate a RCA RT2390 Coaxial Cable Hook-Up?

The RCA RT2390 is a surround sound system with a built-in DVD player. There are several different ways to connect the DVD player to a television, including a coaxial cable. Although a coaxial cable... Read More »

Do Vizio plasma TVs come with a coaxial cable input?

The coaxial cable RF input on a television is the traditional-style single-input, into which you plug an antenna or cable box. All Vizio plasma TVs come with coaxial RF inputs, usually located on t... Read More »