Fujifilm or kodak (disposable)?

Answer heyy girly. haha i FOUND YOU. hee hee heeeee..well anyyywaayyss i think that you should "invest" your 8 or 9 dollars in the fuji one. cuz i mean you already got it, why go back to the store again? ... Read More »

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How do you download pictures from a Kodak disposable camera?

What places still process Kodak disposable camera film?

Walgreens. They advertise 1 hr. service in most cases. Google walgreens los angeles.

What is better The fujifilm finepix s4500 or the fujifilm sl280 I can't decide on which one to get.?

Comparing between Finepix S4500 and SL300,…They seem to be identical ditto !!The SL300 has a better LCD display & uses Li-Ion batteries > making it lighter

Fujifilm A805 or fujifilm Z10fd?

Both are nice cameras ... the Z10 is sexier and uses the state of the art Li-ion batteries.* Neither have a viewfinder or IS, so taking photos at arms length can cause camera movement, thus some bl... Read More »