Fuel System Failure Causes?

Answer A car is a lot like the human body--you tend to take its complexity for granted until something goes wrong. Combustible fuels are the lifeblood of cars, so if the car can't get fuel to the necessar... Read More »

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Symptoms of Fuel Pump Failure?

Weak and failing fuel pumps can be difficult to diagnose. While the symptoms may be easy to identify, they also may be confused with other mechanical problems. Learning the warning signs of a faili... Read More »

Fuel Pump Failure Signs?

Some of the most annoying problems encountered with a vehicle are caused by a faulty fuel pump which can malfunction intermittently. During normal driving, the symptoms will appear, but they are di... Read More »

Signs of Fuel Filter Failure?

A fuel filter is a strainer-like component in a vehicle that filters contaminants such as small particles of dirt or other debris from fuel before it enters the engine. The fuel filter is an essent... Read More »

Reasons for Fuel Pump Failure?

Your car's fuel pump is responsible for pumping the gasoline out of the fuel tank and sending it through the fuel lines to the engine. If the fuel pump is not working properly, your vehicle will no... Read More »