Fruity Tequila Drinks?

Answer Tequila is made from the "blue agave" plant, a relative of the lily family. The plant is primarily grown in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. There are hundreds of varieties of agave that can be distil... Read More »

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Fruity Rum Drinks?

Rum is used in many drinks, including several fruity drinks for those who prefer a more sweet-tasting drink. Rum is available in dark and light, as well as artificial flavors, such as banana, cocon... Read More »

Good alcohol to mix fruity drinks with?

Good Fruity Alcohol Drinks?

Get your party started with a variety of fruity cocktails. For your party guests that prefer fruity drinks, have a couple ingredients ready to make them a sweet concoction. From sweet-flavored mart... Read More »

I need a list of sweet or fruity drinks!?

Well, I really like Mikes Hard Lemonades. They come in many different flavors. If you go to like a Dierbergs, they have a variety pack. Those are sweet. I also like wine. Go with Rieslings or Masc... Read More »