Fruits for Healthy Hair?

Answer Fruits are tasty, full of vitamins and nutrients, and promote healthy hair when regularly consumed or used in treatment applications. There are a number of vitamins such as vitamins A, C and E that... Read More »

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The Best Fruits & Oils for Healthy Shiny Hair?

Healthy, shiny hair is an attainable goal for many people. Some go the route of purchasing cosmetics to try to brighten dull locks, this isn't necessary. What you eat can bring luster and strength ... Read More »

Is it healthy to eat lots of raw fruits&vegetables?

On One Hand: Raw Fruits and Vegetables Are HealthyRaw fruit and vegetable consumption is beneficial to the human body. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these foods consi... Read More »

What are some healthy snacks (other than fruits/veggies) that I can eat when i'm hungry?

Cheese is a really good snack. You can get a lot of different types and do a lot with it. If you like cream cheese, you can have that with wheat crackers. I really like the laughing cow cheese wedg... Read More »

What are some healthy snacks I can bring to school (no fruits or veggies)?

first off i like to tell people in the very beggining to excuse my grammer or get off my question lol anyways try a steak or something it may be a lil much for a school lunch but its oderless also ... Read More »