Fruit that begins with A?

Answer apricot, apple, advocado

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And so the 2ww begins!...........?

Hey hunny,Definately in with a chance, you've covered your dates so thats good, now just 'try' and relax (so much easier said than done lol!Im in 2wk wait of 2nd IUI, im 10dpo today, she said i can... Read More »

And the 2ww begins....?

hun, unless you had ewcm and o pain i would not assume you ovulated. i would really urge you to start tracking ovulation rather than guessing when/if it happens. if your opks arent with you yet the... Read More »

Babbu kosa is a fruit having green colour on its outer part. What do we say this fruit in english?

depends what language you are trying to translate from....?

If life begins at 40 how come,?

The first 40 years were just practise! Learning to listen to - and put up with - all the people you thought were just irritating old farts was really a valuable lesson!You also get to call younger ... Read More »