Fruit Trees Leaf Problems?

Answer Many gardeners dream of the delight of homegrown fruit, but fruit trees are highly susceptible to numerous diseases and insect problems. Not surprisingly, key symptoms--especially those that first ... Read More »

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Treatment for curly leaf in fruit trees?

As in Peach Leaf Curl that also attacks Almonds, Nectarines and Apricots?It is caused by a fungus. You need to purchase a sulfer spray made just for this problem. There are two types on the market.... Read More »

Do purple leaf plum trees bear fruit?

The purple leaf plum tree (Prunus cerasifera) produces blooms of white flowers in April, followed by small fruits in the summer months. The fruits of the tree are red in color and measure 1 inch ... Read More »

Problems With Fruit Trees Growing Near Leyland Cypress?

The Leyland Cypress (X Cupressocyparis leylandii) is common for property privacy borders, due to its rapid growth rate. The tree grows best in USDA planting zones 6 through 10, according to the Arb... Read More »

Can I use pigs to clean up around my dwarf fruit trees Will they hurt the trees while eating the fruit?

I just read a report for a MASTER GARDENER in Texas who tried pigs the way you are asking. It was a disaster. The pigs went after the lower fruit still on the trees and actually broke off many lo... Read More »