Fruit Trees & Ants?

Answer Seeing a long trail of ants going up the trunk of your fruit tree and congregating on a particular branch can cause you to run for the ant spray, but, according to the University of California at D... Read More »

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Do ants eat the roots of fruit trees?

Different types of ants eat different things, including other insects, fungus and sugars. No known ant variety eats tree roots, however. Even carpenter ants do not eat wood, but they may cause dama... Read More »

Can I use pigs to clean up around my dwarf fruit trees Will they hurt the trees while eating the fruit?

I just read a report for a MASTER GARDENER in Texas who tried pigs the way you are asking. It was a disaster. The pigs went after the lower fruit still on the trees and actually broke off many lo... Read More »

Can I use other fruit trees to cross polinate between different fruit trees?

I know what you are asking and the answer would be no. However, you could possible graft another fruit to the cherry tree to come up with 2 different fruits on one tree. You can experiment, however... Read More »

I planted 2 avocado trees 8 years ago & all I get is small bitter fruit. How long B 4 I get some good fruit?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUE.Let me guess, you planted them yourself from the pits of avocados you ate? Right? What you have are some very nice looking, fast growing avocado trees. but you have... Read More »