Fruit Fly Cell Types?

Answer Fruit flies are insects members of the families Drosophilidae and Tephritidae. Some of these flies are agricultural pests, because they lay their eggs on leaves and fruits of many plants, including... Read More »

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What types of fruit help constipation?

It's actually healthy to be going at least twice every 3 days. And having a different kind of sex shouldn't have any effect on it. But as far as fruits go, the juicier the better. Plums and apricot... Read More »

How many types of passion fruit are there?

Over 500, although only about 10 species are commonly used in agriculture.

Types of Passion Fruit?

The common purple passion fruit, native from Brazil and surrounding South American countries, is a subtropical, distinctive-looking fruit: fuchsia with faint white speckles on the outside with vibr... Read More »

Types of Seeds Found in Fruit?

Eating apples, pumpkins and tomatoes provides multiple benefits. The fruits make for a healthful and energizing diet. They also present an impressive diversity of seeds. In fact, an excellent defin... Read More »