Frozen Car Door Remedy?

Answer The wind is blowing and the frigid temperatures feel like they're dropping even lower. You reach out, grab the handle of your car door and pull. Nothing happens. Frozen car doors are a recurring pr... Read More »

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How to Fix a Frozen Car Door Lock?

Freezing winter temperatures can wreak havoc on car door locks, especially if the vehicle is left in the cold for long periods. The last thing you need on a busy morning before work is the hassle o... Read More »

How to Keep a Frozen Car Door Shut?

During the winter months, the doors on your car may become frozen. You might have trouble opening the car door or closing the door once you do manage to get it open. When the temperature plunges, t... Read More »

How to Thaw Out Frozen Car Door Latches?

Winter can be brutal for your car. As the temperature drops below 32 degrees F., things begin to freeze. One of those things is the latches to your car doors. Once this happens, there is no way to ... Read More »

How do I thaw out frozen car door latches?

Warm WaterHeat up a plastic bowl of water in a microwave for 30 seconds. The water should be warm, not boiling hot.Using the WaterPour the water onto the area where the car door opens. Do not pour ... Read More »