Front teeth still hurting?

Answer You really should get the teeth filled ASAP before you end up needing a "root canal" which literally costs 5X times the cost of a filling and takes longer! A temp is just cover-up but the decay wi... Read More »

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My teeth are hurting really bad?

You can eat, you just have to eat soft things like yogurt, jello, ect until it heals a little.

Is my tooth hurting because of wisdom teeth?

Hurting teeth from energy drinks ?

In about 10% of people enamel and cementum (the structure that covers the root) don't reach each other and dentin (the inner structure that responds to pain ) is exposed. Until your gums covers it... Read More »

Two of my teeth are hurting, one right on top of the other and i thought it was a cavity cuz it hurt only if..?

I have the same problem and same pain and I started brushing my teeth better too I'm not sure what it is tho...