Front-Wheel-Drive Transmission Problems?

Answer Front-wheel-drive transmissions are touted for their compact designs, added traction and improved fuel economy. For those reasons, many new cars are built with these systems. And while they do offe... Read More »

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Diagnose Front Suspension Steering Problems in Front Wheel Drive Cars?

Front wheel drive cars use a strut-type suspension that is composed of a strut, a hub assembly and a lower control arm affixed to the bottom of the strut. They all invariably use a rack and pinion ... Read More »

How to Remove Front Wheel Drive Transmission?

With automotive repair labor rates continuing to rise with no sign of slowing down, doing your own repairs can be beneficial. Removing your own automatic transmission can be one that saves you hund... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Front Wheel Drive Problems?

There are benefits to front-, rear- and all-wheel drive cars, but for the average commuter, front-wheel drive vehicles should satisfy all around needs. However, steering problems in front-wheel dri... Read More »

What is the difference between front-wheel drive& rear-wheel drive?

Historically, most cars were rear-wheel drive. Then in the 1970s, in an effort to save weight and fuel, manufacturers began switching to front-wheel drive. A side benefit was added traction in wet ... Read More »