From where does a woman urinate?

Answer every female has 3 holes anal hole....a vaginal hole which is where the baby comes out from and the penis is inserted in during sexual intercourse....& the hole leading 2 the urinary bladde... Read More »

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How to Urinate Standing up Without a Device if You're a Woman?

Ladies,have you ever been bursting for the loo but when you get there the seat is so disgusting you wouldn't sit on it if someone paid you to? Well in this article I'll teach you how to go to the l... Read More »

How to Discretely Urinate Outside if You're a Woman Wearing Trousers or Shorts?

Ladies, if you're bursting for the loo with nowhere to go and you're wearing trousers or shorts this is your article.

What is the Twilight Zone episode where a doberman pincher is barking and protecting a woman from a wife beater?

idk, But I'm watching it right now. And I have 2 dobies. Wish mine would of ate my ex husband. :P

How many times does a child urinate per day?

I did not find any but there are imposters such as a fruit flavoured Bologna shaped gum and an Italian Meatball shaped Gum. The Inuit of the North chew on whale and seal blubber which is fat, and a... Read More »