From where do you get the petville iPhone?

Answer Try tapping the app once, if it says PAUSED tap it again and that should start it loading. In some occasions you can hold onto the app until it wiggles, then click the cros on top of it and follow ... Read More »

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Where can you get the iPhone 2g 8gbs from?

In my opinion absolutely not. There are too many great features and amazing things you can do with it for me to explain to you on this website. I suggest to ask a friend that has the iphone if you ... Read More »

Where you can buy refurbished iphone from? login and click on "check upgrade options"

Where can you get a iPhone from cheapest?

Where can you buy a iPhone 2nd generation from?

The recently introduced Palm Pre may be a great option for you. It offers a big multi-touch screen, alongside with a full REAL keyboard. Palm has been an excellent Smart Phone and Pilot provider fo... Read More »