From where did the javelin throw originate?

Answer Track Field Events states that the first javelin thrower was the Greek Hercules, son of Zeus. The sport appeared first at the 708 B.C. Olympic Games in Greece with two events: hitting a target and ... Read More »

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How to Throw a Javelin?

The javelin toss, a popular track and field sport in the Olympic games, involves hurling a metal-tipped spear as far as possible. It's not that hard to throw a javelin, but it takes know-how and pr... Read More »

Javelin Throw Exercises?

To train to throw a javelin, there are a few specific exercises that can be done to strengthen different parts of the body. Javelin throwers need to have great upper body strength, flexibility and ... Read More »

Who set the Olympic record for the javelin throw?

The men's Olympic record for the javelin throw was set by Jan Zelezny of Czechoslovakia with a throw of over 295 feet (90.17 meters) in 2000. The women's record was set by Osleidys Menendez of Cuba... Read More »

Where Did BMI Originate From?

If you want to blame someone for your body-mass index, blame Adolphe Jacques Quetelet. Just know that you wouldn't have wanted to argue with him: The Belgian-born mathematician was known as one of ... Read More »