From where can I get my name engraved on my laptop...?

Answer You should engrave it on the bottom. People used to say to put your social security number but I would think that is just "asking for it" these days. So stick with your name and maybe your phone ... Read More »

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What should I get engraved on my silver identity bracelet AND where can I get it engraved in London?

What should i get engraved on my ipod other than my name?

when life gives you lemonsmake threats until you get the oranges you asked for.

Where can you get your iPod engraved?

You can go to a jewelry store and they may engrave it for you. be wise of your engraving.

Where do get a cheap laptop from ?

Careful on those really cheap laptops. My uncle had one that was cheap and not name brand, and that little sucker of a laptop broke down on him. The company didn't even pay for it. A thousand plus ... Read More »